Monday, September 29, 2008

Good. Real good!

What happened?

My 2 cents?

Bad start.

Some say they have a good start at 20 back, but being that far back you don't tend to move up well. Most seem to do better starting at the front, going out hard and maintaining, rather than getting stuck in traffic and having to claw back positions.

That said, Barlow was a killer.

Congrats to Jeff for a strong race after his long shoulder injury recovery, and to Mike Mann for stepping way up from last year and looking great! Nice job also to Csaba in the Mstr C's, and "Welcome to the B's" for Fergus.

Love the Barlow course, but love it much more when it's wet and muddy and 15 degrees cooler because this is a rare year.

Cyclisme represented in the house this year, with 5 of us racing, and a few cheering as well. But some teams are fast approaching as the discipline changes with the season.

Put Alpenrose on your calendar. flyers/2008/ october_5. ESPECIALLY FOR CYCLISME BEGINNERS/ CAT C's:

Greg Obrien will again offer rides, as we should really try and carpool and hang as a team. We realize we have different race times, etc., but lets try and make it work. All should arrive early, and not mind planning to get to the races at 8:00 am.

Pre-riding the course is very good. Goood! Real gooood!

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major greg said...

Look at Jeff! Sweet stride, taking the lane with the arm swing, focused face. Textbook approach for the big steps at Barlow.

Just wait til next year Jeff, I'll show you that my little step trail technique is even better (provided those pesky juniors keep out of the way :)