Friday, February 27, 2009

History of the Lore 1996

GB Cyclisme

If anyone notice's Splinter Wren calling us
"GB Cyclisme" it may be because '96 is when
he noticed a new team run by the old PSU director
sportif that was really beginning to shape 
an identity for itself in
the Portland cycling scene.

It was an era when teams like GB Mobili, and GB Mapai were standing on all corners of European pro peloton's podiums. Our "GB" stood for  Grand and Benedicts. They were our sponsor then.
GB Cyclisme in 1996 was an era that produced The Mojo Squad of Lincoln High Juniors and Rocky Serna.

Characterized by team rides and low category development, this year we won the Cat 4 road champs with a team effort from Bill ___ and Pat Malach who terrorized the Cat 4 peloton with their trusty domestiques and some team tactics. One of those disciplined workers was a young crit racer named Justin Serna.

Portland was a different peloton then. Smaller, and maybe plagued by an old brand of elitism. Real team rides were rare and we were breaking some ground with slow pacelines.

PDX in '96 was a field fertile with opportunity for growth for seeds of benevolence, good form, simplicity, and team.


Fergus said...

Those images look very interesting. I would love to see a larger version.

Pat Malach said...

I added some larger versions to the Picasa photo album of "Cyclisme at Cherry Pie." Here's a link:

By the way, the world verificatiopn for this comment is "Murrifo." I think that would also be a good foreign-sounding name for a Cyclocross bike company.

XMpluFi said...

Too Cool! Those are classic pics.

Nils said...

Oh lord John. Classic. I was fit then, to say the least.