Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Riding up through Zoo.

"Won't be using the Drops this winter," says Fergus.

A gift of old school wisdom was provided by new Cyclisme recruit and old Oregon Veteran bike racer John Ebenal as he showed us a path through the Zoo and into a hood filled with tennis courts and swimming pools.

Winding and climbing up through the changes led Frost to teach Glenn about "the inside" and other best practices for moving with a pack.

Check out Mr. Hilderbrandt's big spit.


Anonymous said...

Yeah thats super gross. SORRY I have a cold!

vanstand said...

I think that spit was cool. That is the way real men and women spit. That is honest spittin baby!

Fergus said...

Winter is almost over. A couple of more degrees and I'll expose my sensitive fingers to the biting cold.