Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shoulder to shoulder.

Riders ride 
at special 
and recovery 
Sunday February 1st.

Meeting in the cold winter fog, riders rendezvoused for a softer run. Flat lands and straight lines were the order of the day for this sub 30mile march.

Flat topography also flattened the measuring line on many people's EKG as the easier ride made for clearer minds. With all that extra intellect available, we visualized two different kinds of sprints. The little sudden crowd sprints, and the big long organized lead-out sprint.

A kilo long leadout revealed monstrous gaps on Hayden Meadow, and forebode doom for the opposition. If Cyclisme can recreate lead-outs like these in real races, then other teams will have to go very very fast to get around..

Ironically, many of the folks needing the tighter slower training in the formations, or looking for the recovery from the many Rockies Rabbit, didn't show up.


Greg said...

Looks like a nice paceline there fellas!

I did some sophisticated training on the "tuck and roll" aspect of crashing without getting too hurt. No, not on my bike, but in the snow while bombing down sled runs with a bunch of kids at a birthday party at a friends house in Government Camp.

Very fun, and I managed to not get too bruised from the hard icy snow.

What's the plan for next Sunday?


vanstand said...

I think it is cool. That is the way real men and women spit. that is honest spit baby!