Friday, September 25, 2009

It takes a village?


This question has been asked more ardently in these latter days of this Indian Summer
of 2009. Thanks to the migration of the young Memphis man, 
Jay Ferries.

His culinary skills 
have propelled our Team and our vegetable 
garden  into
the social season.

Now stars 
of the 
align with 
stars of 
in the back yard 
of the Atomic Ranch. 

Local business leaders 
Jay Dykeman of "Jay's Garage"
on 7th and SE Morrison and 
Landscape Designer 
Catherine Raschke 
are poppin over for dinner.

Ms. Raschke knows a lot about plants. 
Like Jay Dykeman who sells Bio-Diesel, 
she leads the way in 
appropriate practices for 
Mother Earth 
with her company 

From the safe vantage point of a dinner table business people, community people, 
friends all around became real Tifosi as they enjoyed a vision of cyclocross demonstrated by Cyclisme's Word-RCB
led by Dave Wingard, Naomi Byrd, Stephen Bedford
Jake Hansen, and  
Dey Shaun Lee. 
Guests passionately spied through a chain link fence as Bedford and Jake hooked handlebars. 

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