Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain on the Peak recap a dap, by Jake

Cyclocross Dustbowl!

Veterans got out hot!

Temperatures were high and so were the spirits of Cyclisme racers DeyShaun Lee, Eric Lanners, Dave Wingard, Greg O'Brien and Jake Hansen on Bald Peak today.

Being quite
nervous before the start of my first cyclocross race, it was reassuring to see my teammates Greg and Eric get out HOT in the Masters B race. They were in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, on the long starting straight away.

They hammered through the hills and switchbacks of the slippery hay course for a good 45 minutes. Eric ended up in 5th and Greg got 13th.

It gave me confidence seeing them get out like that.

Dave was up in the mix mashing hard in the Masters C race and wound up 33rd in the biggest field of the day. Langston and his wife were there to spray me and DeyShaun with water when we needed it most.

DeyShaun got out hot as well, setting a pace for the first lap that was being matched only by National Track Star Grant McElroy (he is like 12). A bad fall and some mechanical problems (chain breaking) forced DeyShaun to call it quits after 3 laps and got him an 8th place finish. He was really looking good and will have a good CX season if we get some more practice in and get him to stay in his little chainring.

After DeyShaun's race, we switched pedals and I borrowed the donated bike that he had raced on. I wore Greg's old Mt Bike shoes, slid around (literally) this crazy course for 45 minutes and got 3rd place.

Photos courtesy of Dave Wingard

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