Monday, October 12, 2009

Arch Angel...


sheer determination,
cutting up single track
on skills honed by the backwoood race courses of Oregon MTB racing,

is now leading Cyclisme
into the

Thats a lot of "13 year old."

In the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association's rating system this 13 year old Junior is leading OBRA's thirteenth ranked team "Word-RCB" into the winter season discipline Cyclocross.

Naiqwan did not just arrive out of thin air.
Originally a new to Portland Arizona transplant, he was led by his cousin Caezar to join a young Dey Shaun Lee out at the Alpenrose velodrome, back in 2007.

From his days towing the disabled back and forth from PSU University to Powell's bookstore, to pacelining at the ghettodrome; then from winning medals at Alpenrose to long drives around Oregon with his men's Mt. Bike Team.

Angel has risen.

But his biggest moves have not been on the bike, but in the classroom and after school. Naiqwan attends the SEI Academy where he is known as "Angel." Once he started attending Tony Hopson's famous school where "Life Has Options," his grades improved.

After school, he gets on his cycling clothes, and is soon met by one of his elder teammates who ride with him across town to homework sessions at the Woodstock Library, with lunch and yard work and yoga at the Atomic Ranch. By being respectful and open to everyone's advice he has pulled the team together.

Himself, for beginners like 40 year old metal worker Fergus Kinnel, he is a fine coach of the many skills involved in getting around the velodrome, but Naiqwan has has also enjoyed receiving excellent coaching and mentoring. Examples include Jake Hasnen on abdominals and strength as well as day to day road training, and Greg O'Brien who has driven him to mountain bike races, paid fees, and taken special care to create the best bicycle possible, despite limited resources.


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