Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cross Crusade #3 Sherwood Equestrian Center, by Greg

Mostly a photo essay type report. Dave's race ended in the first lap with a crash. My race ended when I quit after 2 laps, feeling tired and sick. Jeff raced strong. DeyShaun raced well, placing in the points. Naiqwan ran 2 laps after breaking his chain. That's hardcore!

Photos courtesy of Shane Young and CycleOne coaching (except the B&W of DeyShaun, which is from Brujo).


Jeff Gerwing said...

DeyShaun is lookin' PRO all relaxed, flat back, down in the drops.

Greg said...

Yeah, I love the framing of that shot.

Greg said...

I keep leaving Mike Mann out of the race reports! Sorry Mike. Although racing under the Bob's Red Mill banner this season, he's Cyclisme at heart. Mike killed it at Sherwood, finishing 11th in a massive field and getting some points and a future call-up. Nice job Mike!