Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cross Crusade 2009 #2 Rainier High School, by Greg

We met at Naiqwan's place to convene before the Cross Crusade #2 Race. Dave, Jeff, Liliane, Naiqwan, Danny and I headed North to Rainier High School. The course has a reputation of being the "best" cyclocross course of the Crusade, but it is among my least favorites as far as placing well. The course features an extended climb (for a cross course anyway), that favors the climbing type of rider. It is a fast course, and with dry weather did not have any boggy or technical areas.

Before the race we met Eric Lanners in the parking lot and we set about registering, warming up, etc, Naiqwan asked if I had any leg warmers he could borrow, and I replied "no, but try this..." and had him embrocate up with some good old Mad Alchemy Cold Weather Warming rub. Good stuff, he probably felt it in the shower hours after the race!

I watched Dave stage for the Mstr C race, and he was again slotted to a lousy back position (right next to former Cyclisme racer Darren Pennington) due to the random start draw scheme. Dave rallied hard and passed over half of the field before finishing.

After some more warm up Jeff, Eric and I headed to the start corral for our race. Jeff and Eric are both in the "3" group, who lined up 2 before my "6" group, which was next to last. Ironically next to last is worst, as the last group not only gets a free 6-pack of beer, they also get the first slot at the next race...

Anyway, we start and I slide to the left onto the grass and get past a bunch of guys in the gravel. Then I almost puke on the climb, and just try and go full steam ahead for the race. I got past Jeff at one point, and he jumped on my wheel and let me know it. Jeff expected me to have a good line on a bumpy off camber turn, but I tried it with no brakes and ended up overcooking and bushwacking through the blackberries (maybe you had to be there, it was pretty funny).

Anyway, we all passed a bunch of people, and Eric just missed getting in the points (and future series call-up).

Naiqwan rode with a purpose, and scored a 5th place finish, improving on last week's 6th place. No mechanicals, and clean, aggressive riding was the order of the day for him.

Next week, mud at last.



Eric said...

Always like your write up's greg, now we just all need some call ups!
Might need some of that warm rub this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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