Sunday, March 07, 2010

Naiqwan and Jake Win Echo Red to Red, Echo Red to Red...

Naiqwan and Jake Win Echo Red to Red, Echo Red to Red...
By Greg O'Brien

What's there an echo in here?

Naiqwan Pellman, an all around Junior of many disciplines,

added strength and good form to a convincing win in the
15-18 yr. old Cat 3 field at the
Echo to Red XC Mountain Bike race in Eastern Oregon Saturday.
This was Naiqwan's first win on the MTB.
We should all be proud of his accomplishment.


Hammering a blistering pace on the gravel road before the singletrack,
Jake Hansen rode a strong but controlled race to win the Cat 2, 19-34 field.

Fergus, John Ebenal and myself had more mediocre results.
I took 8th in the Cat 2 45-54 group, a couple places ahead of John.
Fergus was somewhere near the middle of the cat 2 35-44 group.
John - E. was (IS) hard core, racing on his cyclocross bike.

Full results here:

It was a beautiful day, with tons and tons of tight, twisty up and down singletrack.
300+ racers for the first race in the 2010 River City Oregon XC Series
foreboded an insanely competitive mountain bike season ahead!


photos by shane young and el presidente


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jake and Naiqwan!
from Jake's faithful fan......

XMpluFi said...

Congrats everyone!

John - cross bike on gravel da Man!

vanstand said...

Dude, who did you give that wine to?

Fergus said...

Great Day out there!
That was much fun and I got seriously worked over.
Thanks for putting it all together and making it happen!
Great bunch of guys!

Greg said...

Look at Jake's time in the results! I think they both will be podium contenders after catting up to the 1's for Jake and 2's for Naiqwan.

香蕉哥哥 said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙