Monday, March 29, 2010

Three make three in the 3s at Piece of Cake R.R.

Three guys,
three positions on the road,
against the strength of the Cat 3s.

J. Fritzgerald B.

Stephen Bedford, Jake Hansen, and Alex Lightman lined up in Perrydale, Oregon to race a 51 mile Category 3 Road Race.

As their race unfolded, the Word-RCB men set up the perfect storm, but it unraveled as fast as a tire goes flat.

Still, their goal of the day to work for Lightman worked, as Alex made some great moves.

Sitting in near the front, Alex was chilaxing, but not before leading up Jake who made a monster move to bridge the winning 7 man break away.

Meanwhile back watching as well, Stephen covered the bridge attempt of the young Jr. Neo Pro from "Hot Tubes" and found himself way out in "no-man's land" in a brutal cross-wind with a 16year old kid that disappears if he turns sideways.

Fully represented, the break enjoyed the blocking of Ironclad, Team Oregon and others. Alex calmly waited for the pack sprint, while blocking up the front for his domestique's chances.
Then, adversity showed herself.

By the time he saw Jake on the roadside with his flat wheel in his hand, Alex knew his situation had changed. Soon he saw Bedford on the side of the road managing a cramp.

With about 2k to go, out of character, Alex attacked for a great long pursuit to the line with the pack just behind, taking a Team Oregon racer who turned out to be slower, but Alex nursed him for the huge crosswind straight-away ahead. Then picking up an earlier break away, Alex won a three up sprint - by a lot!

"Oh man, it was so hard! Half way through with the Team Oregon guy dying, I asked myself what am I doing?!" Alex lamented after the race.

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XMpluFi said...

Nice one Alex! And good riding by everyone, battling the elements Belgian style.