Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Faces for the Peloton

First Piece of Cake

for many.
J. Fritzgerald B.

A first road race for others.
First road race of 2010 for some more.

Driving SW to Perrydale just outside of Amity, we weren't far from nowhere. Yet, to my surprise and joy, there was a drive-through espresso stand in the middle of the five way stop that is the urban center of downtown Perrydale.

Loreful Nissy Cobb left, overlooked our new racer Catherine "Hana" Cooper, while freezing in not enough clothing.
Our girl at least had that much right at the Start!
Unfortunately, Hana would not long be on that side of the Cat 2 Woman Track racer who once stood in Hana's shoes in her first race with Cyclisme. However Hana is tough and barreled through the wind to come in after the pack quickly, and with a smile on her face. Well done!

Word RCB Cyclisme teammates worked together to support each other.

Some of the Juniors led the way, recognizing folks they knew all the while babysitting kids. Parents supported in every way. They drove, fed, cheered, and paid for.
Esteban's folks, and Jake's too made the parking lot nice.

Our Juniors were well prepared physically for what they decided to do and we ended up with some happy campers at the end of the day.

Esteban Vasquez posted a 6th place in the 16-18, while Shaun and Wan finished 5th and 6th in the 13-15 Juniors.

31 year old Issac Potoczny-Jones who recently took up private after-work rollers/weightlifting lessons with his coach, and then checked every lesson twice, was trying to stay in Fifth. It worked, and he rode a very savvy, leeward race.
Gaging how the wind would be blowing in the next corner, and moving before the turn, left him always out of the wind. Sprinting in the pack sprint at the end. Isaac finished fourth in the Fives.

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XMpluFi said...

WOW! Great riding by the whole crew.