Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Circus!

Talent by families.

Championship by Cyclisme!
John Benenate

The 2010 edition of the OBRA Junior and Team Event Championships was a Cyclisme victory as Word-RCB was the largest and funnest family oriented team on the Alpenrose infield.

Children did their thing in the morning, participating in Omniums that left Maya Bergmann, Isabelle Ford, and Naiqwan Pellman, OBRA Champions.

Then in the afternoon the fourteen year old boys formed up a great Olympic Sprint Team and Naiqwan joined the elite Cyclisme "A" Team with Word, Bedford, and Hansen.

Jake and Stephen also teamed up with Beardsley and Blackwelder of the team Gentle Lovers to win a Silver Medal in the 14lap/4K Team Pursuit.

Cyclisme Women were the talk of the day as their class, grace and grit made the competition the fastest for women in years.

Candi and Mike Murray
did a great job running the show,
and they got some help from our Maya Bergmann.

Many did work behind the scenes
to m
ake the show go. Shawn Brockway and Mike Ford
changed cogs
supported racers and Directeurs, alike.

There were
that had
to be handled as usual, but we had some
powerful women to
lobby well
for their

Junior girls like Maya and Gillian were empowered by the example of strength and intensity their elder sisters exuded when they were on the march.

Cyclisme was a word
worn proudly, as we were the pride of Oregon Bicycle Racing on this day of Team and Junior Track Championship racing.

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Catherine said...

This was a great day at the track. I'll always remember seeing all the juniors with their medals on the podium together. It was a fun team effort.