Friday, August 06, 2010

Short Track Queen!

Mielle Blomberg

won Gold

dominating her division of the
2010 Short Track Series staged
out on the motorcycle track in the back side of PIR.

Throughout the series
huge fields of people
racing in many forms
on all sorts of equipment
raced before officials who made wild calls
relegating whole packs,
and on a dry summer's dusty hard course all factors
conspired together
to slow this woman down,
They had little effect.

Always riding at the front,
Mielle won most of her races.
Races she didn't win she would still finish well,
always riding clean.
And she ALWAYS had a glib humorous banter going afterwards
about all the nuances.

She's obviously having a great time.
Invited to la Squadra Cyclisme by her fast friend Catherine Cooper, Mielle came over After winning the Green Leader's jersey in the novice division on the Road side of PIR. Sarah Hunter joined in with the same momentous wave of Cyclisme magic.

Mielle's victory, presents a new glorius chapter in Cyclisme's Short Track Lore as this Word-RCB incarnation, follows the b.i.k.e./Yakima 1-2-3 in the Masters Men in 2008.

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Greg said...

Congratulations Mielle! Way to carry on the lore. It was actually way back in 2007 when we had our last big run there.