Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Crossers Cookin' in Crusade!

Fall is a time of year

when it is difficult to defend against the

huge opposition

that surges into the peloton with Cyclocross.
Thanks to diligence from new Juniors, improvement from veteran men,
huge leadership
from one very slim (Fit!) woman
and her team of strong ladies,
Word RCB is actually moving up the Oregon BAR in the cyclocross season.

Our two new "A's" Mielle Blomberg, and Eric Lanners have offered incredible performances. Now they are working on their speed in the very fast world of Elite Oregon Cyclocross.

Their leadership in Cyclisme is both grand and humorous as made evidence by a recent report from Ms. Blomberg...
Blind Date appetizer
M.M. Blomberg

for this warm Fall evening started with a pre ride lap on the newly lengthened course before the Beg men/women's B race at 6:00 PM. The back gravel section, still on the menu, was not to the liking of most as it smelled like cat litter and took regular bites of it’s own from elbows and knees (including mine) in the hard right turn into the trees.
Our specials tonight include a lap in the Velodrome and a faulty light in the back of the course at a hard left turn that would randomly go out, leaving you to ride blindly into the dark. Good thing I brought my own illumination.
Sarah missed her start time with the B’s but jumped in a lap late and gave it everything she had. A super awesome wipe-out gave her a doggie bag of road rash on her leg that she can enjoy for many days to come. Csaba, coming off a week of illness, was glowing after his race. See kids, Cyclocross racing is better than chicken soup for a cold!
My main course was 15 ladies, racing for more than an hour due to the lengthen route. I decided not to go out as hot as last week and my legs served me much better. Our old friend the “run up” was there to greet me but it didn’t suck so much this time. Alice Pennington was right on time to serve up a big plate of whoop ass. Mmmm. Tastes like chicken. To cleanse the palate after the race, I enjoyed a little first aid for my elbow and knee.
The night came to a close with a cool down ride home with our race MC Luciano and his very real doggie bag. Poodle pal Maz riding copilot in his bike bag..

Thank you to Sarah for staying late into the night to cheer me on in the dark! I placed 13 of 15 this week & only got lapped by the leader once.