Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombies Are Coming!

Ride Fast,
Take Chances,
Zombies Are Coming!


What does cyclocross have to do with zombies?
If you think about it, Zombies can stalk you through anything nature throws at them, they fall down and get back up a bazillion times, and you can’t seem to get them to stop chasing you.
Welcome to Sherwood....

Excited Cross Crusaders were treated to a beautiful day at Sherwood Equestrian Park (don’t all horror movies start with a beautiful day in the woods?). This was the place to challenge your downhill speed, running and climbing skills (out running zombies requires stealth and fitness). More like short track than a cross race, we were served up bumpy single track and super climbs. The major crash site seemed to be in S turns by the team tents before the downhill into the trees. Dry conditions made these corners very dusty and small ruts kept throwing riders to the ground (see photo). Note to self. Stay off the ground!
Surprisingly small turn out in the women’s race considering how sunny it was (hmmm, women disappearing? I’m sure it’s nothing). No call up for me but I did start in the front row next to Amy Rice (Lazy Tarantulas) and Sue Grandjean (Showers Pass). Sue crushed at Rainier so I figured staying with her would be a good bet. Boy was I wrong. I jumped off the line but made a poor gear selection (WE NEED MORE POWER CAPTAIN!) and ended up in 4th position into the S turns by the team tents. Staying upright and avoiding the ruts we shot through the opening in the trees to the off camber section. Super fast down hill to an uphill hard right turn that led into a huge run up (added after the 10 am race to lengthen the course).
Momentum on this down hill carries you further and allows for a dismount closer to the run up. Great plan until Sue forgot where she was going and stopped WAY short into the turn causing me to put on the brakes. “Hey, why don’t you ride like an A for a change?”! Yeah, I didn’t say that, but I thought it. And with that, a blur of girls passed to the left of our near collision. Ughhhh. Off to chase up the hill. Once to the top, the course opened to a slightly down hill left turn that drops into a dusty field of S turns. I flew through here chasing Margi Bradway (Team S&M) for two laps but she took a line too wide in lap 2 and wiped out on her shoulder in the dust. Goody! My chance to create a gap (I should have known her speed and determined gaze meant she was one of THEM)! Plenty of chances to gain on your competition in this race if you were willing to hit the down hill sections with enormous speed. Thinking I’m making excellent time, I take the 2nd barrier section, leaping across a muddy gully to the other side with bike in hand. Now for more climbing. As I reach the ‘killer’ portion of the climb. I hear it, in the distance behind me like a whisper. “go margi”. Oh crap. Could it be? It got louder, “GO MARGI, GO GET HER!” Doesn’t matter how beat up she is, she just keeps coming! Turning on my own supernatural speed, I chase her up the hill and back through the start shoot until w
e are at the run up again. And then it happens. Another rider stops short of the hill and I almost crash into a small tree. I’m fine but my brake got stuck under my rim and I lost 30 seconds trying to un-wedge it. Oh disc brakes, where are you when I need you? Two laps to go and I do nothing but chase and overtake those who have not yet been bitten. Unfortunately, my supernatural speed was not quite enough to stop the unstoppable but I did beat Granjean!
All in all, it was a nice day to get chased by zombies.

Congrats to Greg and his awesome hole shot! He kept up the pace but fell off a little towards the end. He did tell me he only had two really good laps in him. Keegen and Dey Shaun had their game faces on. Both did outstanding in their fields and Keegan is really moving up! Didn't see Sarah before or after the race but Shane told me she wasn't feeling well and didn't finish. Feel better Sarah! You gotta a Blind Date on Wednesday. Michael made an appearance and rocked 22nd place in a field of 73 in the 50+. Mike should race more often! Good job to Dave who always looks determined. I missed Eric's race but it looks like he is moving up in a very challenging field.

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