Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Jame Carnie -American Hero!

Newly crowned National Scratch Race Champ,
Jame Carnie has won twenty National Championship Jerseys.
He did not race in the Omnium National Championships because his bike rack was slammed on his knee by his lover. Crime of passion? No, just an accident.
I was amazed by his poise, while on the road, he scratched out of the competition, took the time to heal, then won himself a National Championship.

See what a nice guy he is too! video below.


In the Omnium Scratch Race our Jake Hansen finished 2nd place in a daring last minute pursuit.

Also in a last minute pursuit was our Stephen Bedford in one of the three Scratch race Qualifiers for the Scratch Race National Championship. In this qualifier Stephen Won! Qualifying him to race Jame Carney Later that night.

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean Jame Carney??