Monday, December 27, 2010

Baseline Pursuits

Week One of The Pursuit of Glory Winter Training Class has been a hoot. Why? Because folks went fast!

Even in the cold air amidst Christmas car chaos, stress was light and recovery easy in the high intensity, but low volume program.

Time Trials on Terwilliger, Fairmont Loop and Willamette Blvd. gave racers an opportunity to open up the engines - test them at speed, and evaluate data.

Cruising around town strong and fresh, big tempo changes people's perspective about themselves on the bike. Micheal Palmer of Veloce is one fast guy to watch for next season. These intervals reveal his form only improves as the riding hours pass.

Mike Girard of Portland Velo is another "up and comer" who is fired up and focused on championship in OBRA-land next year. Always giving hard effort both on the road in these TTs, and back in the yoga studio.

If you Cat 4/5s see him go long next year, you better jump cause he is going to stay away!

Legspeed, long intervals, yoga... it all adds up!

After meeting up at River City Bicycles, the bike shop Crank is where the class retires, and the real work begins.

Jake Hansen has been learning Bikram Yoga and he shows others the way. Whether they like it or not is another story.
As you can see, we had to stick OBRA Track Champ Maya Bergmann to the ceiling.

Yoga, abs, pushups, plyos, and handstands are just some of the agonizing details in the Pursuit of Glory Winter Training.

Afterwards Non-Profit Executives and new b.i.k.e. CEO Sandra Clark led a discussion with Uof O student and b.i.k.e grad Aaron Boothby about a protocol for quantifying improvement in health and resilience in youth who ride bikes. OHSU Nurse Sarah Hunter,
PSU Intern/Interim Director Jake Hansen, and Bike Board Chair Tim Bergmann added game to the name.

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