Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bortolami's Awards Dinner

Gianluca Bortolami (see his Palmare's here) would have been proud to see the amature bicycle racers gathered in the American Pizzeria named after him, one Belgium-wet/cold Saturday in December.

Word-RCB and the Kids of b.i.k.e. by Cyclisme Racing Programs were in the house once again to celebrate The Lore.

"El Presidente," Greg O'Brien called for the end of season event, and with home made medals fashioned by Masters Racer and dedicated volunteer, Dave Wingard, Randy Word used team funds to buy Pizza for all.

Highlights of the 2010 season were recalled as many received special accolades for their accomplishments.

Bortolami was a Euro Star who exemplified class and finished in Paris Roubaix most notably in a "1,2,3 Victory" with his Mapei Teamates Museaw and Taffi. The class of the "Team Pursuits" we acknowledged ourselves with The Women's Team, the Junior Boys, and the "Family Pursuiters" the Bergmann's were all recognized for their Team prowess.

Keegan O'Niell and Sunny Chiago were recognized for their great improvement, and Naiqwan was recognized for being the Fastest.

Others were recognized for kindness and leadership.

The Introduction of the Cyclisme Awards for Service was a hit as recycled things made glorious awards. Recipients included Cooper, Blomberg, Bergmann, Word, Lanners, Bedford and Hansen.

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