Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting ready at the Ranch!


Cleen and Jerk is an all around power developing lift that racers use to get fast. No pretentious environment is needed when you just want to get strong. What the lifter lifts is irrelevant too, as the old Highlander would just lift a rock.

So at the end of a driveway and on a livingroom floor, we have created a "bicycle studio."

Show up and unpack your stuff, but dress warm because we are training where we race - OUTSIDE.

We go inside once in a while to eat, to talk, and once at the end of a work out, we pull it all together with yoga.
Yoga is a stalwart of elite athletes the world over.

After all that pushing it up, sometimes we also pull it down.

Training on the rusty weights at the Ranch is how some folks are getting ready for the new race season.

Riding rollers is the best way to develop leg speed. Riders train with intervals on the rollers to get fast fastest.

For some folks getting ready to race is something to put off.

For others, it is something to dive into.

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