Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tough Racers Conquer Wet Winter!

Pursuit Class Report Week Two
Jake Hansen

In the Pursuit of Glory Winter Training Class, all systems are go! As the calender turns over, we are launching into a new racing year.

Always ready to ride Junior Cyclocross Star, Keegan O'Neill and his trusty new teammate Kent Ross have been practicing their team time trialing around Fairmont Loop and up Terwilliger Blvd with occasional additions to their paceline like Sarah Hunter and Kent's Mom, Lori Bernadini.

Timing our intervals has been aided by a brand new stopwatch from El Presidente Greg O'Brien and support from UofO's b.i.k.e. Graduate Aaron Boothby on the road.
Sandra Clark, Sarah Hunter, and Lori Bernadini have been consistent in their efforts and are a great foundation for our new Women's team.

While the rain has been constant and the air chilly we have seen our classy riders flow around Ladd's Addition with grace in a tight pack.

DeyShaun Lee gave his cousin, Ahmad, from San Jose, a ride he will not soon forget as he got to stoke the tandem across town.

After class, Ahmad showed us all some of his kickboxing skills that have won him five of five MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights. This 16 year old may be one to watch for, all you UFC fans out there.

Crank bicycle owners, Justin and Chris, have been selfless with their shop providing OUTSTANDING service, space and comfort for our brave crew of Pursuiters. Yoga, abdominals and handstand pushups against the wall are just 3 of our many secrets that we teach at the Pursuit of Glory Class.

Directuer Sportife John Benenate has provided us with a quality training environment and a class that will make you fast.

Come test yourself against the clock over the next three weeks!

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Greg said...

Nice job with the training sessions Jake and John! The one I did really worked me over - especially the yoga. I hope to make it to some more.