Monday, January 17, 2011

Recruitment Ride in January!

Cyclists Unite!
J.Fritzgerald B.

Upon arriving at Ristretto Coffee Roasters,
I was treated to a warm welcome from a car window full of friends.

Winter Recruitment is alive and well at Cyclisme.

Pacelines are again being described by pedestrians while walking on the sidewalk, just like last year.

The spirit of cooperation is high this year, fueled by some smart fast cyclists.

Winter however, only barely cooperates, as she doesn't send a full gail, but 37 degrees and raining still
challenges the senses.

Marching along in easy gears for legspeed in the early season,
Cyclisme moves over the land
with a brisk traveling clip.

Everyone is strong and motivated,
divided maybe only by the debate over rain fender length.

Rainfenders are useful and polite, for sure, but mud face pride is compelling.

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