Monday, January 10, 2011

We can do this!

Cycling Women Unite!
John Benenate

Empowering leadership!

Under a looming gray sky and the auspices of unity, Cyclisme women led us into the 2011 racing season Saturday.

Featuring the recovered return of Jenn Leonard, the introduction of Lori Bernardini, the Rockstar power of Mielle Blomberg, and the rock steady hand of leadership from Ms. Sandra Clark, Saturday's Women's Led Ride was perfect.

All dedicated to the gentle handling of Leonards recovering calf, the tempo out was slow. But three snacks into the wind later, the turn home was raging.

Blomberg pulled out the stops and this young team started to fly. Arguably the cycling sportswriters' prediction for biggest "out of nowhere" OBRA women's team in 2011, they are still going to have to conquer some big miles in the preseason to get there.

Certainly for the coaching staff at Cyclisme Saturday's result was edifying, because Women's Development is the cornerstone their elite training strategy for '11.

Calling out the plan, soothing the politics, and fortifying the personnel has been two months in the making. Meeting people and working with them in Pursuit of Glory, then after hours developing and posting recruitment flyers all over town has made for full time work.

Fortunate is the artisan who can make a plan reality!

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