Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kent Ross

Rookie Extraordinaire

Jake Hansen

This last Winter Junior Cyclocross Star Keegan O'Neill introduced a new junior to our team by the name of Kent Ross.

With his newly-built-up KHS road bicycle donated by Flo Liebowitz, and built up by Crank, Kent has been training hard.
He trains in the women's ride on Saturday out to Sauvie Island, then on Sunday out to Rocky Rabbit and at the Atomic Ranch with the clean and jerk in the driveway. Kent does it all. He can't get enough.

He has not missed a weekend since joining the team and his athleticism shines on long hills like those leading out of the Rock Creek river Valley.

Kent can sprint too! He has been making the Master's Men work hard for their Fijian Vacations (aka the sprint to the orange cone) at Tuesday night Master's practice.

Junior Team Captain, DeyShaun Lee, has quite a team brewing with the likes of Kent Ross and Keegan O'Neill under his tutelage. They have been doing yoga together at Crank.

Consistent work coupled with Kent's enthusiasm and passion for riding his bicycle have us all seeing big things on the horizon for the young bicycle racer.

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