Monday, February 21, 2011

OBRA Awards Dinner 2010!

Lore of Lea
borne from Cyclisme, again graces the banquet halls of glory!
Leonard, Blomberg and Brubaker.

Two years in a row, Cyclisme Racing programs have presented two new champions for the peloton's review. Each year two more fine Cyclisme cyclists went up on stage to take an award before the stars of the OBRA peloton.

Last year it was 13 year old Naiqwan Pellman who won the "Overall BAR" for 14-15year old juniors, and a rookie Cat. 3 named Jake Hansen who won the Cat 3 Overall.

Now, representing three categories Cyclisme was especially proud to present two very strong and charming women to be followed by the Oregon Peloton. Jenn Leonard and Mielle Blomberg won the "Overall" in Masters 30-35, Masters 35-39, and Category 4 Women. If you know Mielle, then it does not surprise you she was not satisfied to win just one category.

Symbolically OBRA Legend and Sister in the Lore, Tina Brubaker chose 2010 to dominate the whole pyramid. Always benevolent and ready to give something back to beginners. We are all very proud of muscly Ms. Brubaker.

Like Candy Murray said to Stephen Bedford in his first year on Word-RCB, "Oh Cyclisme, that's a good team to be FROM!"

Yeah thanks Candy, and we think OBRA is a fine peloton to beat.

Vive Cyclisme!

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