Thursday, February 03, 2011

A new set of Goals

By M.M.Blomberg
Jan.24th, 2011

I have a new set of goals and a new list of questions for the 2011 race season, but I wanted to share some insights from my very busy first year of racing in 2010. Thanks to my coach JB, Word-RCB Team, Team S&M and the many people that shared their spirit and experience with me in 2010.

Fitness + nutrition + recovery = Performance. A smidge of determination and a smattering of crazy helps too.

You don’t know how good of a hill climber you are until you race Mt. Tabor. It’s harder than it looks.

Base training does not mean riding around the base of a hill.

It doesn’t matter which direction you start at PIR, there will ALWAYS BE A HEADWIND.

Ride with folks that are stronger than you once a week (more if you love to suffer and your ego can take it).

If you get a chance to meet/ride with a pro/cat 1 in your style of racing, ask questions but be respectful of their time.

PRE RIDE, PRE RIDE, PRE RIDE! The suffering you know is better than the suffering you don’t see coming.

Drafting is like a big hug that keeps you safe in its’ loving embrace.

Getting dropped feels like someone loaded your bike with 20 extra pounds of sucking.

Gravel and knees don’t mix but I seem to mix them a lot.

You can never tell how fast someone is by looking at them.

Gu Chomps are both a snack and a meal depending on the ride.

Crashing during a race hurts more three days later, bruises take a week to fully form and it never hurts quite as bad when people are cheering for you.

Leave the wheel that doesn’t serve you, there is usually a better one close by.

We all give up something for racing. Usually it’s yard work.

Happy New Year!

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