Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hard Work at Hagg Lake!

"Banana Belt One and Two"
by j. Fritzgerald B.
Photo Credit
Mark Armstrong

feature Jake finishing 1and 2 in the "one-twos"
and a lot more!

Early and hard, this eleven mile road race around
Hagg Lake in March always brings out the true color of Oregon's peloton.

Speaking of color the three smiling faces pictured to the right are all icons of speed in the lore of Oregon Bicycle Racing (l to r) Bob Grummal, Steve Marcy, and Brad Gebhard have about a hundred years racing and a cornucopia of wins between them. Fathers all, don't let their elder good looks fool you. They are still faster than greased lightning, and crafty as foxes in a hen house. (and they are three of my favorites!)

They are part and parcel of what makes Banana Belt such an exciting place to be at the start of a new bicycle racing season.

Cyclisme was proud to field our phenom Women, our Junior Boys, and a Master's Man, but it was the Cat. 1/2 clash of titans between Jake and his brother in The Lore, Pro racer Taylor Kneuvan that headlined the first two events.

Both Taylor and Jake seem to be head and shoulders above the rest, at this early part of the season, but against each other, the jury is out as to who is the fastest.

Both roll long on a high schedule.

Both men have cracked the other and won a race each. Only race 3 in the BB Series will sort it out.
Stay tuned and watch for them in breakaway groups going off the front throughout the season.

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