Sunday, March 20, 2011

Capitol Crit!

Cyclisme racers
J. Fritzgerald
Photo Credit

Kenji Sugahara,
Allan King,

Hotfoot Photos

challenged themselves before the steps up to Oregon's Capitol in the Capitol Criterium held Saturday in Salem.

Everyone of Cyclisme's racers were either in their first crit ever, or their first crit this year.

Lori Bernardini engaged in an epic struggle between two Ironclad Cat 4 vets and a Collegiate co-ed from Willamette U. as Lori took Bronze in her first Cat 4 women's pack.

Jake, still full of snot, was well marked by an admiring peloton, but finished about fifteenth.

The Juniors rolled like a Team with Dey Shawn Lee setting up fast, a two man time trial for Keegan O'Neil and Kent Ross against BBC and it was close the whole time!

Also in the news,
I went swimming
in my new bathing suit given to me by Stephen and Catherine Bedford Cooper.

Down in the Salem YMCA
I organized a very competitive game
of dodge ball
amongst the many 7 and 8 year olds in the pool,
and I was able to reign supreme.

Crushing cartilage with every thunderous swing
of my dodge ball firing arm,
poor innocent Salemites were relieved to acquiesce
to the superiority of an old school dodge baller
with Portland game.

Now their folk songs reflect the memory of a great man who came from Portland in a wheelchair to teach them the ways of Dodge Ball.

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