Saturday, March 26, 2011

Old School Amityville Cake!

Piece of Cake 2011
featured dramatic weather and the gorgeous rolling fields of Amity, Oregon. Put on this year by one of OBRA's most talented old school impresarios, Hugh Givens made his course seem like a work of art.

Following a recipe written by Oregon legendary racer and promoter David Auker, Givens was true to form.

Supported by an army of old school strength, including Bike N Hike Owner Kevin Chudy, and venerable Cyclisme Star of the mid 90s, Danny Knudsen who proudly introduced his delightful daughter.

Kindness and respect seemed to abound in the parking lot as if we were the royal family thanks to the promoters old school vision. Of course we did turn out to be the Heir Apparent thanks to Jake, but you will probably read plenty about that soon.

My "Old School" revelation of the day however, appeared in the form of a photographer shouldering a big camera and wanted to sit at the back of the station wagon "Lead Car" I was driving, to photograph the "Course en Tete" (head of the field) of the Cat 1/2 race...

The photographer was Luke Pingle, (red coat pictured above) a family man and attorney living near Washington D.C. who used to sprint against Brad Gephard (please see here), back in the (my) day.

Well, from race commentary to world politics we had a gas!
Both of us sporting our CRAFT skull caps, we were two race fans just six degrees apart,
as we made our ways down the path of life.

When Jake vs. Jake became the victory pursuit, we cheered and whahoo-ed like crazy frantic kids. I hope you get to see today's way back perspective when his photos come out. Thanks Luke, that was a hoot!

Meanwhile back in the parking lot, our beautiful Cyclisme was waging a culinary Word - RCB and it ROCKED!

Thanks Cindy and Chip for cooking. Congrats to the Cyclisme racers for all their fine and wild rides.

Please stay tuned for more and look to for results.

See Sandra Clark at the back of the Cat 4 Women's race winning selection breakaway. (below left)

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