Monday, June 20, 2011

New Pro Crit Savvy Shows!

J.Fritzgerald B.
Photos by
C. Cooper
Pat Malach
Oregon Cycling Action

Hardend by the steep slopes and talented pelotons of Mount Hood Cycling Classic, Jake brought new prowess to Portland's Toughest Criterium Course, Cirque de Cycling!

On a gray drizzly night, slippery corners and screaming crowds convened for North Portland's signature criterium.

Lining up on the line, hard focus was the new feature on Hansen's face. A bad start in Hood River, all but took him out of the big pro/am crit a week before. Surviving those corners at the back for almost an hour changed the way he looked at crits.

After an early display of speed and failed bike handling, Jake held onto the Oregon peloton until he could counterattack himself. Away alone, all the top players reacted and bridged up. Jake drove the pace at the front until a break was away.

Once the well represented break was good and away, Jake stopped working. For ten minutes he stopped working. It was a sight to see.

When he did finally attack, it was big. Beardsley crashed and Bedford got gapped.
In the Pursuit Jake gained ground on a hot pursuing Team-Oregon Stephen Bedford.

Jake was left contemplating Victory while rolling no hands down Albina Street, wondering if he had been greedy.

"No!" the drunken people outside the Bars yelled, "Take it all while you can!"

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