Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sun's First Summer Showing!

In a whirlwind of week
end racing
Cyclisme Stars
J. Fritzgerald B


Cindy C.
D. McColm

Catherine Cooper

Racing for the low lying fruit in the swamp lands of Swan Island, and Vanport, to aspirations of respiration high in Hood River "Cyclisme" was the Word.

Jake Hansen was in his first big stage race
The Mount Hood Cycling Classic and the competition was daunting, but Time Trials kept him in the game. Camping at the Memaloose Camp site on Thursday evening, the Gorge left a lasting impression on the whole team.

Four drivers from Word-RCB by Cyclisme drove in racing events to trade volunteer time for Jake's race fee. Mary Pattiani of b.i.k.e.-Serratto days, Cindy Cambell and her boys, Tim Miller, and Randy Word all drove in the Mount Hood Cycling Classic. On the way home, drivers stopped off at the team campsite for some grub.

Victory reigns bright in the life of the Lees,
as Dey Shaun Lee took his first big victory.
Hammer time happened at the Hammer Crit Saturday.
Protected by a blocking team captained by Naiqwan Pellman.
Word-RCB won all the primes and the race.

Saturday was also a day of "Firsts" for first time racers Greg and Willy Cambell. Willy finished Tenth with the big Juniors, while Greg gave a lesson to the little kids older than him in the "Kiddie" race.

On the same day, Jake turned in a great Time Trial Time in Trout Lake Washington, and met Joe Holmes, the Directeur Sportif of one of the NW's biggest amateur racing teams, Hagen's Berman. Joe Holmes is the former director for the LeMond Fitness/Captain Cra-Z Soap Professional Cycling Team. He was very kind and asked Jake all sorts of questions.

It would be a great opportunity for Jake to be picked up by this Pro/AM Squad.
There might be a place for Jake there too when you consider some of the TT times at MHCC, like:

59. HANSEN Jake Team WORD-RCB .23'48" ...
60. REYNOLDS Lang Hagens Berman Domestic Elite .23'49" 1'57" down from the day's leader.

(of course Lang Reynolds trounced Mr. Hansen in the overall GC, but there is light for hope here in this "race of truth")

Sunday Jake would get hammered in the hardest road race of his life, but Naiqwan Pellman would grab Silver and thirty bucks cash in the Vanport Kermesse.

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