Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dey Shaun Lee!

Winning in the Heartbreaker
Cat. 5s and Silver in the Heartbreaker Madison,

Dey Shaun Lee has arrived!

j. Fritzgerald b.
photos by
Jose Sandoval

Care of his Coach
Two weeks ago his coach, Jake Hansen changed Dey Shaun's front chain ring from a 47 to a 49, and things started to happen.
At last Friday's Night Sprints Novice Omnium, Mr. Lee threw down a burst of speed that made crowd gasp in surprise, then cheer with the thrill of what they just saw!

Meanwhile, Cyclisme Racing Programs was developing a stable of Madison partners for Elite Jake Hansen under the direction of Cyclisme Madison Coach Nils Tilstrom. Dey Shaun was practicing in that project.

At the Heartbreaker Track Race Saturday, the plan was just to have Dey Shaun throw Jake into the Madison and have Jake chase by himself. But as Jake became tired and lost a lap, we called Dey Shaun in for Jake to recover.
To everyone's surprise, Dey Shaun lost no ground. In fact he helped the team broaden their gap on the 3rd place team.
Following a telephone pep talk straight from Los Angeles, by David Pulliam, the Madison success was surpassed by a team performance with his teammate Naiqwan Pellman in the Cat 5s. (results here) The two teenagers worked together to dissect the adult competition. Naiqwan, himself a Cat 5 Match Sprint Medalist would lead the field out into a panicked thin line,
then Dey Shaun would come flying around for the victory.

When Dey Shaun heard the announcement of the victory, he smiled shyly and said "No way! I won? That's the first time I have won, one of these!"


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