Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Ready for CX!

On Your Marks,

Get Ready,


It's cyclocross season 2011 and Cyclisme is practicing for skill.

Oregon is a hotbed of winter Cyclocross.

We had a little practice on the ghetto grass to work on starts mounts and dismounts. The "TRANSITION" was our focus.

What is so exciting is that our people, even the first time beginners are Good!

Our little Saturday practice featuring a twenty minute Crit, saw real talent from Danni Bernardi, Lori Bernardini, Cindy Campbell and newcomer, soccer phenom Michelle Mallon.

Our veteran racers led by "Master A" racer, Eric Lanners all bring a ton of skill to the Word-RCB kit.

Up in Hood River, the next day afer practice, Keegan O'Neill got 10th in his age division while Naiqwan Pellman won in his age division!

Naiqwan is getting a chance at the end of the this week to go train for CX at the Bend Endurance Academy. Watch for very big things from Mr. Pellman this Season.

BGOD rollers, Aloha LeVon and and Ramon Artola brought tenacious speed to the practice.

Santo Mallon, Luca Mallon and Noah Beggs are just a few of the young kids to watch for, as they are coming up.

Led by Cyclocross Stars like Lanners and Pellman with Lee, and O'Neil coming up, our program has some fast CX leadership developing great new CX TALENT!

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