Monday, September 26, 2011

A Study in Focus

Jake Hansen

Photo Credit:
Max Hansen
Pat Benson

Flying Lap
3 to go I start working my way up high. I see two to go and really ramp up in to turn 1 and come spinning fast out of 2 into 3 really rolling then out of turn 4 I attack down harder than I ever have in my life. I spiral down turn 1 still gaining some speed. Sticking the black line while my legs turn faster and faster. Pushing for more into turn 3 and accelerating even more out of turn 4. throw the bike at the line and bam. 13.95 seconds. 41 mph.

Points race
I stay up front and get a few early points but not blowing myself to do so. Then 30 laps in a small break goes. I'm there, immediately. I work. Not to hard. Scoop up some more points from 1st or 2nd. Then we get caught and Bobby Lea goes solo, HARD. Jame follows him and I am right no Jame's wheel. We roll for a while and I take short pulls that don't slow us down but keep me fresh. We lap the field. Coming into the last sprint I go to the front and wait, watch for attacks. Jame starts to go. On his wheel. I stand up and sprint out of turn 2 and take the lane. A new level of tenacity I fly thru the turn and come out flying off the front. I've won the points race.

Miss and Out
This will be the hardest race in the omnium. At the gun I get to the front. I ride tempo hard and stay up at the front. I accelearte into every single lap. I never for one second lose my position at the front. I know that this will screw me for the sprint but I will get down to the last 3 in this race that I have struggled with all year. If there is a moment that someone tries to come over the top of me hard I give my self room before they come down so that I can come over the top of them before anyone else behind me does. If I get far back I will make an all out attack to get to the front and reestablish my position. It will hurt but I must succeed in this race.

I have to race someone from the omnium who is close to me. Ideally it will be Bobby Lea or Jame or someone else fast. I get out good and quick but not suicidal. In my easier gear I am going to work it and spin fast the whole time, with my head up and put the pressure on my opponent. First kilo is about 1:15. Then I get rolling. Really focusing on the black line I nail 1:10 for my next kilo. (2:25 or 4:50 pace). Now I keep it on. 120, 1.2.3. 1.2.3. each 3rd pedal stroke is a little more. Like David Auker taught me. 3rd kilo 3:35. It starting to hurt now but I am just a titch behind Jame. I pour it on for my fastest kilo yet a 1:08 and stop the clock at 4:43. Fast enough to get me into the finals of the pursuit.

Scratch Race
Due to the timing and lateness of this race in the Omnium it will prove to be quite tactical and thus the fear of a high speed. This means a well timed late race attack like last years will most likely be the victor. This time I will be on it when it goes. I will work but softly. Towards the end, 3 laps or so to go, I will make an attack and go solo all the way to the line with perfect form. Elbows bent. Chest low

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Greg said...

Great write up Jake! Makes me feel like I'm there. I'm cheering you on from Portland. Go!!