Monday, September 12, 2011

Fundraiser and Silent Auction!





The Kids o
f b.i.k.e. made eloquent statements, and told telling tales.

Cyclisme friends and families made the food, and it was DEE-lish! Suzi Dala'i made 100 legs of Persian chicken. A plethora of deserts sweetened the tasty spread.

We were blessed to be able to thank the Cadonau Family who owns and operates Alpenrose Dairy for their gift of land that serves our community.

Mike Murray and other heads of OBRA State were on hand, including Brad Ross, and Rick Potestio.

Tim Bergmann did a great job designing awards and silent auction gems from the Lore.
Sara Auker made amazing pies that were emphatically bid on in the silent auction.

Marilee Tillstrom was the Heroine on High as she created wonderful ambiance at the table.

Billy Miller filmed for the "Legacy of Major Taylor" while Mike Cooper and Ben Barber worked on film projects for "Filmed by Bike."

Everyone seemed to have a sublime time, as the juniors gave speeches and quoted inspiring words.

Community supporters like Rex Burkholder and his beautiful wife Lydia Rich, the Grummels, Flo Liebowitz, the Girards, and the Beatties were just a few of the delightful guests who congregated under the big tent with the kids of b.i.k.e.

Jake Hansen's whole family was on hand, and Dey Shaun's mom, Dana, was ebullient with pride.
It was grand night filled with love and support for our important group.

Little Faith Cadonau went on stage to offer an impromptu dance performance before her momma gave her the hook, and now Faith is fired up to be a bike racer!

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