Thursday, January 05, 2012

New b.i.k.e. team coming!

Happening in many sectors of Cyclisme as the new year opens,
our TEAM DEVELOPMENT is lively!

Professor Gerwing and his lovely wife Lilliane called from INDIA today !

MASTERS members make all sorts of plans, while the Fairmont Loop feels their renaissance.

Rocky Rabbit is on the tip of everyone's tounge.

But nowhere is there a more heated development happening than the flammable nexus of junior peer mentors teaching the subject of cycling to kids in the common room of an after school community center. All while the savvy adult Boys and Girls Club mentors keep a watchful eye on the perimeter.

Safe and exciting is it's phenomena.

Everyone is getting into the groove. Kids wanna race. Class veterans track stand and bunny hop in the group circle while they wait to race on the stationary bikes. Youth mentors announce races, direct kids, and keep it fun.

Our teen b.i.k.e. mentors are sought after to make celebrity appearances on the racing bikes to satisfy their fans.

Children are laughing and cheering and talking about who put their foot down. (you have to give your BMX bike up if you put your foot down.) Others just stand in the way, becoming obstacles to make the course interesting.

It's grand!

All the Boys and Girls Club kids get excited to see the bikes and the people who come with them. Elder b.i.k.e. mentors honored to be so idolized by their young friends who after so many months, they know by first name.
Writing in journals their appraisals of the situation, the kids of b.i.k.e are on a mission.
They are trying to build a whole program.
Building a cycling team means paying for it too. Understanding why they are doing some good, and being able to communicate the reason to others is part of their goal.

People in the community see what is happening too, like Russel Cree of Upper Echelon who just donated stationary bike stands to our Boys and Girls Club racing project.

Now veterans of the 5 Minute Club sprint their hearts out!

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~ H.G. Wells

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