Sunday, December 30, 2012

Women from Woodstock!

 Smiles and allegiance to the food cart. It's so cold!
Maya attacks the big hill.
Finger snappin COLD!
Watching her go.

Only brave souls would proceed.

Road Captains
But brave were the women who engaged East Moreland Saturday.

Sprinting for the East Moreland Park sign twice, Gillian Bergman went early, but Robin Jacobson would have none of it.
Sarah Thomas had aspirations, but too late,
and in too big a gear.
Go, Mom!

After the second big up hill pack sprint,
nature called from behind locked doors,
Bike lane on SE 42nd.
and the quest for friendly hospitality was not fully realized until the group made it to 26th and Steele.

Benevolent to the bone, Kayleen Veatch bought everyone tacos.

Just in time too.


sarah thomas said...

That was a fun ride - it was great to meet everyone! Hopefully next time will be warmer...

Kayleen Veatch said...

Tacos are a crucial part of any athlete's training regimen. Glad we could all be together in the cold to get STRONG! Next practice, we teach Maya how to burp like a champion. Happy new year, TEAM!

Robin Jacobson said...

It was a great time despite the cold weather. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon at the next women's paceline ride!

BergmannT said...

Are we looking at the beginnings of the next great women's team from Cyclisme Racing? Hmmmm...

Great work everyone! The ride report and the personal anecdotes I've heard is that you all rode together like champs, and sang together like song birds!

Can't wait to hear more about future paceline & sprint work from this elegant crew.

—(full disclosure: i AM a proud father who is totally biased)—