Monday, December 03, 2012

Not rain, nor sleet...

Leading up Broadway.
The bike he DIDN'T choose.

Early Saturday morning,
Codi Proctor of
Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment
Codi Proctor of b.i.k.e. suits up Aloha.
began arranging bikes, wheels, arm-warmers, tights, rain slickers, gloves, sunglasses, and shoe covers. She was beginning an adventure that would take here late into the afternoon.
Aloha Levon arrived soon after to try out a road bike from the b.i.k.e. Program's stable of steeds.
First a small Cannondale 650b then a tiny Schwinn Paramount.

Winter pre-season is the perfect time to recruit and prepare new racers.

Sicocan likes his photos cropped this wide.

Cyclisme Lore is what guides the path of team development, and the new WORD-RCB is no exception.

A cohesive unit moved around town quickly.

Kirby and Bergmann powered Cyclisme through Raleigh hills and down to River City.
Investing in a good team ride begins well before the riding starts. Rain and winter Oregon weather means a lot of special clothes from head to toe.
Bag o snacks - nuts, dried apples and gatorade.

In pouring rain they looped from RCB through the West Hills to Beaverton, and back to RCB.
Even cold and wet, Aloha Levon is obviously destined for greatness.
All in all, it was a very successful day!
Always a source of good humor, Tim Sicocan asks: "what have I got myself into?"

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