Monday, December 10, 2012

Stalwart Team Ride Sunday!

Photo Credit: Codi Proctor
west hills

Simple good form looked like three hours pulling off into the wind.

cruizing speed
Eddie Wang sporting sponsorship.
From River City Bicycles they drove their bicycles over the river, zipped through the city, charged up the hill into Washington Park, then flew out Skyline, and dove down Germantown Road to shoot across the St. Johns Bridge.

cresting skyline
strong Robin
Everyone was strong and knew how to work as a team to get down the road.
Traveling speed was the coveted state of being.
good practice pushing
Despite the weather, it was their's for most of the session..

 Mike and Tim
st. johns bridge
Pacelines back on the bluff of Mock's Crest, careening through traffic down to the Waterfront.
Everyone got a kick out of getting so much done in such a short time.


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kidsofbike said...

Despite the slick roads and cold air, the line never stopped running. Very hard working group!