Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Pacelines getting faster in the wind!

Pacelines in the wind are making folks strong.
Pace - Line!

Summer is over and the fall leaves are on the ground.
With most of the NW Peloton consumed by cyclocross, Word-RCB is rolling easy on the road.

Gillian is the new star of a motley crew.

Juniors Willy Campbell and Gillian Bergmann are getting to roll with the elder men and getting very strong as a result.

Willy C fits in.
Training rides to Portland outskirts allow the team to groom the training to their weakest skill. By adjusting the paceline to best defeat the wind, echelons form and valuable experience is gained in a part of the year when we can afford to roll slow.

Discerning minds work better with hot drinks.
Entry level teams rarely get to practice cross wind echelons.

Gillian Bergmann is doing some big rolling this year.
People had to get used to the new way of moving into the wind. I wish I got some photos of their effort to run echelons. But it was a real accomplishment. Spread across the road they finally made cross wind echelons Euro-style.

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