Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lore & the Salad Days of Spring

Brothers in the Lore, Ken Legros and Tyrone Miles.

Nothing feels better than when a plan comes together.

Foresight to Spring's success began in the Fall before the Winter this year. (early)

Bypassing the Cyclocross Season
may mean missing
the Halloween social dates,
but at least legspeed is in attendance at our rides.
Also in attendance were two
of Cyclisme's famous members of the Lore.

Already working our winter "Rocky Rabbit" operational tempo, but at a greatly abbreviated rate and duration (short slow rides) our team is ready to entertain guests, and sprint for the East Moreland Park Sign.
Ken Legros, Gillian Bergmann and Tim Bergmann.

Week after week, elders have helped the Juniors understand what it takes to compete for the finish line in the bunched up, chaotic world of pack sprints.

Tyrone checks in on Willy.
Hands in the air like he just don't care.
Thanks to the familiarity of the route, week to week, everyone is picking up on the tricks. But right when many thought they had it all figured out, here come two savvy dogs who got it figured out on a whole other level.

Tyrone Miles pictured to the right of this article in the picture of the black and white jersey'd team featuring Frost, Doctor's Gerwing, Ohotto and Bob and others, was a big roller lead out man and sprinter for a team refered to as "The Men" just when Dey Shaun was bringing up "the Fixies" in 2009.
Meanwhile for over a decade, Ken Legros was a master of child rearing and pancake flipping in the hay day of the Cobb Sisters and the Love Brothers. He raced the Lake Oswego crit with teammate Joey Dengel. (for those of you who know your lore)

Having these two best pals show up on the same day was coincidence of the first order. While neither knew the other was coming, both checked in with their old team captain, 2008 Cat 4 BAR Winner Micheal "Frost" Risner to see if he wanted to go. While he couldn't come, he marveled at the coincidence.

Having them on the ride, jumping right into the Cyclisme groove, just put the sharper edge on the blade. Tim Bergmann was thrilled to see his old friends, and to show off his brilliant and fast daughter, Gillian.

The Campbells were again thrilled by the magic and measure of Cyclisme Lore, and improved in it's rich environment of sport.

Ghetto yoga on concrete.
Tyrone has such a nice way of checking to make sure everyone is okay. Patting you on the back and saying "good job" Tyrone knows how to talk the tired right out of your legs.

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