Monday, October 14, 2013

Magic and Measure of the Lore!

A team called WORD-RCB
Elders have helped the Juniors understand what it takes.
A little sunshine on dry leaf lined roads make Fall magical in the hearts of bicyclists training to be racers.
Anyone else on the street needed a coat to be out, while  Cyclisme racers were peeling off layers. In the Sunday afternoon warmth they buzzed across around town.

The fifth week of sprinting to the East Moreland Park sign is changing people.
With wind out of the west by north west, it was easy to roll up the soft climb of Pine Street east to Laurelhurst Park. Softly downhill into the wind across the Belmont, Hawthorn, and Division boulavards with all their shopping bustle.

People turned to look to see the diverse pack so well organized breezing bye. It seemed our effort made their day a bit more exciting.
Wise and Funny Ken Legros.

 Certainly the group was heading for something more exciting.  East Moreland Park has become a testing ground for this winter training sprinter's team.

After death defying counter traffic insurgence on the part of our most innocent babes and their responsible elders, the paceline set up to become cagey, then tactically pointed.
Brilliant and Fast Gillian Bergmann.

The run up to the sign is both the pretense of maintaining the paceline and looking for the attacker coming any moment. Waiting and going combine and become one in the moments leading up to the full speed run uphill to the finish.

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