Monday, November 02, 2009

Cross Crusade #6, Clatsop County Fairgrounds, by Greg

DeyShaun, Naiqwan and the O'Brien family all headed out through the fog and mist to Astoria for the famed costume race. Intermittent blue sky was encouraging.

2 hours later, we pulled into the lot, right on the edge of the fog break. We hustled over and signed in a paid up. Naiqwan and DeyShaun didn't get the memo that it was a costume optional race, so DeyShaun announced that he was going to be dressed as a "bike racer".

We saw Eric, who had a nice 7th place finish on Saturday, earning a coveted call-up position. I saw my lucky number 6 would get the 2nd to last starting slot....again.

After warming up, I put on my bloody Dr. Pain scrubs and it was go time. The race course was awesome. Slippery, technical off camber, a bit of climbing. I felt great and had a good race, with just one minor crash. I actually got ahead of Eric somehow, but he passed me back on the 4th or 5th lap.

DeyShaun and Naiqwan did great, taking 5th and 8th places. Eric took 14th, and I came in 20th. I'm feeling good, confident I can hang with the front dozen or so racers f I can just get a decent start slot.

We drove home tired and happy. We stopped at a cool fish ladder on the North Fork Klaskanine river. Naiqwan and Danny both gave it a thumbs up.

Next up, state CX champs in Salem on Saturday Nov. 7th, then Crusade at PIR on Sunday the 8th. Hope to see you there!

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