Monday, November 23, 2009

Krugers Crossing 11-22-09, by Greg

I'm pretty humble and soft spoken, so my Krugers race report summary may seem out of character...

Greg and Eric put a beat-down on the Mens Master B 35+ field!

1st Place, Eric Lanners
2nd Place, Greg O'Brien

I discussed strategy with Eric before the race, and I was to not kill it the first lap, to try and have some strength to finish hard, hopefully together with Eric.

Well, I got a good start, grabbed the holeshot, and when I looked back a few minutes later it was just me an unlucky #787 with a sizable gap to the chasers. 787 passed me before the barriers, but I passed him back when he had tire trouble a bit later in the first lap.

I held a good gap for the next lap, crashing once but recovered pretty quickly. Passing through the line after lap 2 Luciano announced that it was now a Cyclisme Team Time Trial, with Eric coming up on me. Eric passed, I dangled back a little bit but was able to hold on to 2nd comfortably.

I hope I can hold some good strength for the 2 days of the USGP at PIR. This has been my best cyclocross season so far, and remarkably is going the way I planned it, which is to be peak near the end.

Dave Wingard, DeyShaun and Naiqwan and Aurbey also all had good races. Pictures are from Jim Long and richtheneighbor. Aubrey raced a fixed gear CX bike! No pics of him yet.

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