Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cross Crusade #7 PIR 11-8-09, by Greg

I should have written this up sooner, as my memory is lousy with details. Aubrey, Cameron, DeyShaun, Naiqwan and I all met at Naiqwan's and drove over to PIR. I thought with the rain and wind it would be nice to have a dry place to keep the clothes, etc.

Aubrey rode the yellow MTB I've been loaning Naiqwan, while Cameron rode the Jamis team bike that DeyShaun keeps. For their first cross race, they did admirably well, finishing right near the middle of the 120 deep Men's C group.

Eric and I were up next in the Mens B 35+. The course was really wet, with a single really deep and long puddle, and a few peanut buttery mud sections and two super slippery off camber sections.

I felt great, and passed a bunch on the first lap and was riding with Eric. Near the end I started to fade a bit and he kept getting faster. Eric took 5th and I got 8th out of the 100 man field.

Naiqwan and DeyShaun rode well again, taking 7th and 13th places in the 32 racer Junior Men field.

I was really pleased with my best Cross Crusade result so far, and that I felt strong after racing the previous day.

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vanstand said...

I really love seeing another shot of you and Lanners working together to pick a line through the slog.

And the Team shot is one for the Lore.

Naiqwan's confident ease speaks volumes.

Brought to you by Dr. Gerwing's big smile.