Monday, November 09, 2009

OBRA CX Championships 11-7-09 Salem OR, by Greg

Driving down to Salem we were amazed at the lack of rain. Naiqwan, DeyShaun, Aubrey, Dave, Jake and I headed South at 8:00 am for Aubrey and Dave's 10:00 am race.

The parking lot was cold and windy, but the racecourse was very cool. Although it was pancake flat, it had a bit of everything else including: flat paved start, bumpy wet grass, gravel section, sand pit, mud, barriers, grass headwind sections, indoor soft dirt horse arena, indoor motocross section with jumps and a big berm, and a live band playing.

Aubrey had a blast in his first cross race, taking 8th place in the Beginners Men category. Dave added to the points with 13th place in the Master C's.

Eric and I rode well in the Master B's with Eric taking 6th and me 11th. Eric and I are Yin and Yang in the races. I start hot and fast, and when I start fading a little at the mid point Eric starts coming on stronger and finishes hard. The intersection of these points is really fun, when we're racing together.

At noon the juniors took to the course. Naiqwan and DeyShaun both rode well, with Naiqwan coming out on top with a 4th place finish in the Junior 15/16 category, and DeyShaun just behind in 6th place.

Next, Jake gladly took up my offer to use my cross bike instead of the mountain bike for the 1:00 pm Men's B race. First lap he was sitting in about 4th place, then he pulled away and convincingly won the B's. His fitness really showed.

All in all a great day on a beautiful course, with about 100 or so points scored. The so-so photos are by me, the good ones are thanks to Shane Young and Bike & Hike.

Jake's a media magnet.
Eric attacks the sand pit.


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Greg said...

Looks fine on my computer. Can you just click the photo to view the full size?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Greg... Yes I can do that on my computer. However, when I print it out is where I have the problem. But then I am just a old lady and might not be doing this correctly. Thanks again.