Saturday, July 31, 2010

In a Clash of Titans!

We welcome reinforcements!
John Benenate
Catherine Cooper

This Thursday Night
Point's Race
the pack would feature two
Teams with
three guys,

Tonight we had
Brent Casaday
join our ranks.

He helped us go out hot then block it up back. He was a real asset this night as the odds were stacked against Bedford and Jake.

But our infamous hot start evens out the odds as people drop off like flys, making the pack small quick.

Trading attacks
Bedford and Jake tried to put the hurt on Beardsley and Mensher
but Beardsley is incredible.

He covered every move. he held our guys up track so they had to go the long way around and get tired.
He stuck with the higher points guy when we forgot.

Beardsley tired us out.
Finally even his fast teammate Mensher flew up and around for a final points sprint.

We got beat pretty good.

But classy Stephen Beardsley,
always our good coach,
stayed around and explained what had just happened to us.

What a gentle lover!

Live and learn.

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