Sunday, January 29, 2012

OBRA AwardsDinner!

Men's Oregon Cup and Junior All Around awarded to Word-RCB, by Cyclisme!

Thanks to a great cycling family
in a strong cycling community, Jake Hansen and his Junior protoge Keegan O'Neil stepped onto the OBRA stage to receive top Top Honors last night.

Both guys were beaming as they received affectionate accolades from their team and loved ones.

Splinter Wren delivered velvety praises for "The States Elite" when he invited Sorrella Forte's Jen Akeroyd, and Word-RCB's Jake Hansen to the stage.

Kenji Sugahara and the whole OBRA gang commissioned quite a show as the savvy Madison's crew catered a dinner and a no-host bar.

Cyclisme Racing Programs have presentd two OBRA Award Winners each year for the last three years in a row!
This year's duo followed Blomberg, and Leonard last year, and Pellman and Hansen back when Jake was a Cat. 3, the year before.

Our parents and supporters were thrilled by the pomp and circumstance.
Camera's clicked as the all the heads of state, having just attended the Annual OBRA Meeting, reflected on there team one last time for 2011, and discussed lofty goals for 2012.

Curtains to a season that will be credited as our best TEAM BAR finish in the team's 18 year history, many on 2nd place Team Cyclisme were just happy to see it end. Keegan raced in over 90 races. Hansen won two National Medals.

But the real story is about all the exploits of the dedicated group of volunteers who shared in a vision in 2011. A vision of benevolence, good form, simplicity and team.


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Nice job Cyclisme/Word RBC!!!