Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taking the time.

When Boys and Girls Club Director,
Tim Sicocan
first listened to b.i.k.e.'s proposal for programming collaboration, he said
"you got to keep em movin'!"

Tonight the little girl in the yellow shirt and red galoshes, never stopped moving.

Only last week
walked on her bike.


Other kids zip around with reckless abandon. Keegan can avoid anything, with no room and still stay up.

The big girls rode stationary bikes with Danni.

Danni timed for the Five Minute Club.

They pretended they were riding to Lloyd C
enter for the Hollister sale.

Some kids were beside themselves, they were having such a good time. Our b.i.k.e. mentors rode beside them.
Noah got some time in on the stationary bike
with his elbows

Nothing was very hard work, as it was more like having fun.

The little girl in the yellow shirt rode like 60 miles. Finally she fell off in a horrible high speed crash and said calmly "both my legs are broken."

A veritable obelisk of true grit, she recovered in time to do yoga.

Curious about everything, and strong as can be, she did everything in our class full tilt.

Next thing you know Tim Sicocan sent for us to come to his office.

He wanted us to fill out paperwork so that our mentors could take on a more official role at Boys and Girls Club.
Mr. Sicocan want's to quantify the outcomes of our peer mentoring activities.
He was telling us we are important to their Club.

Though now becoming bleery eyed with fatigue, but starving for pizza, the b.i.k.e. mentors went across the street to find their own mentor waiting.

Greg Miranda was a Junior Elite cyclist himself and has worked with a major Pro Development program sponsored by the national company Waste Management.
He talked to the junior's about race day nutrition and about the world of corporate sponsorship.

With books, printouts and actual pro team proposals, he shotgun blasted the teen age minds. But to get things started, Greg volunteered for the first two chapters and their ensuing book reports.

They can because they think they can. Virgil

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