Sunday, January 08, 2012

Paceline School!

El Ninja Winter Sunday
Everyone was out,

from Fairmont Loop to Sauvies Island,
Oregon Cycling was booming
Photos by
Dey Shaun "Daddy" Lee

Teams were everywhere. Rapha, Team O, Ironclad, Gentle Lovers and Crank were just some of the Saturday shoppers we saw attempting to add ammunition to their arsenal.

Piecing together a lot of pacelines, sprints and hills, the Cyclisme made Rocky 60 miles!

Up on Fairmont and Talbot Meghan and Peter Smith joined Mr. First to Arrive, himself - Kent "Tupac" Ross, soon to be joined by Keegan "The Badger" O'Neil, and Dey Shaun "Daddy" Lee. Tim Bergmann, Noah, and Noah's pal Greg Miranda descended into our ranks and we were away.

Around Fairmont Loop Meghan nailed her first big time breakaway paceline like a euro pro, then fashionably retired to photography. Her shot of Mt. Hood is featured on Facebook and right after this I am going to go SHARE.

Young and old shared in their co misery to hold each other up, while strong men did their damage. Noah Beggs was brave as he faced this new brand of suffering for the first time in his young life. Dying on the big rolling sections, he danced right to the front when the road turned up hill.

Bergmann was tired from tandem towing the day before, but was resolved to his familiar fate. Renewing his bicycle racing career is something he has done time and time again for Cyclisme. Whether it was to lead out and train Paul Laak - the great sprinter of PSU, to glue together team pursuit teams for the original Bazzooka - Jeferson Vowell, Chris Deardorf, and Micheal "Frost" Risner - or to round out the Family Sprint Team Bergmann on the Track - Tim knows what it is to start again.

After more than a few sprint laps of Fairmont, Humphery Hewett was a welcome descent to Sylvan. Climbing the steep hills in Arizona gears, Greg Miranda must of thought The Cemetery a telling site. But you wouldn't have known it looking at him as he pedals with the class of a real Elite cyclist.

Keegan Kent and Peter all came to the table ready to play. Wow. Their strength is going to make us all fast. Turning down Newberry and being game for a loop around Sauvies was a Godsend.
Bravo Cyclisme!

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." - Lena Horne, Singer

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